The Dream: To be the leading groundwater resource Development firm in the south

O'Donnell & Associates, Inc. began as a dream to become the first company called on by those seeking to develop, expand or manage their groundwater source of water supply. Our target market consists of utilities, engineering firms, industry, irrigators and private entities who are tired of  costly "dry holes" or "rules of thumb" approaches to developing groundwater supplies. After prayer and discernment along with the support of family and friends, our dream became a reality in May 1999. 

Through the Grace of God, quality services, integrity, hard work and satisfied clients, OAI's dream has flourished with a current client base that consists of 55+ public water systems, 23 engineering firms, 18 industrial clients, nine business clients and four irrigation clients, the majority of which are repeat customers. To all our clients, we extend our deepest appreciation for giving OAI your trust. To our family and friends, thank you for making our dream a reality.

To those of of you who are not satisfied with the status quo or find yourself wondering if perhaps there is a more efficient way to deal with your water resource needs, we can assure you there is a better way. We welcome your interest in OAI. Perhaps, OAI will soon be "putting geology to work for you" too.

"Putting geology to work for you."

The Company

OAI's strength is based on our unique combination of petroleum (exploration and wellsite) geology and hydrogeology experience along with formal hydrogeologic training under the direction of Dr. Wayne Pettyjohn through Oklahoma State University's seven week graduate level hydrogeology program. This combination of formal training and experience sets OAI apart from the crowded hydrogeologic consulting field by letting you plan for success rather than budgeting for failure.

With professional geologic experience dating from 1979 with specialization in hydrogeology since 1990, OAI has the knowledge and skill to meet complex regulatory requirements in an efficient and cost effective manner, whether they are related to developing a new source of water supply, assessing your existing groundwater resources or managing you groundwater assets. This is done while applying sound geologic and hydrogeologic principals to the problem, what we call "putting geology to work for you".