Environmental permitting is required for many different projects. Understanding the regulatory intent of the permitted operation or activity is critical to swiftly moving the project to completion without incurring excessive delays and budget over runs. OAI understands that "time is money" and works with our clients to prepare for applicable permitting requirements from project inception through completion and beyond. OAI's permitting experience includes:

  • Coastal Well permitting (9 including 1-public supply well)
  • Screening models-developed to show that four wells were not subject to the Coastal Regulations
  • Public Water Supply Well permitting for new wells (36)
  • Public Water Supply Well permitting for increased production (2)
  • NPDES Stormwater permitting (2)
  • Underground Injection Control (UIC) permitting associated with de-centralized domestic wastewater treatment plants (31)
  • UIC permitting associated with commercial discharge (2)
  • Land application of treated domestic sewage through drip irrigation (1)

Time is money. Don't fall into the trap of relegating permit requirements to the back burner. If your project requires a permit and that permit requires the services of a professional geologist (PG), call today and put OAI's permitting experience to work. Early planning will prevent expensive delays.

"Putting geology to work for you."