Pictured below 2-well single aquifer wellfield with 2.8+ mgd capability

Qualifications and Experience

When one looks at a company's "qualifications and experience", it is important to look beyond the mere website postings or company brochures and focus on the actual personnel on hand at the company who will be performing the work and ask yourself: Do they have the qualifications and experience?  At OAI, our qualifications and experience are one and the same with the people who will be working your project. That said, we will start our qualifications by listing Project Experience directly associated with OAI's current staff as of January 11, 2021.

Project Experience

  • Hydrogeologic studies (97)
  • Aquifer Tests (87 aquifer tests and 32 pumping tests)
  • PSW Wells premitted (48 with combined production capacity of 30,300+ gpm)
  • PWS Wells worked (90) 
  • Coastal Wells permitted (14) with combined production capacity of 8.7+ mgd)
  • Coastal Wells completed without needing permits (4) with a combined production potential of 1.2+ mgd
  • Wellfields Completed (13 with combined production capacity of 37.3+ mgd)
  • De-Centralized WWTP Permitted (31 with combined effluent disposal capacity of 1.34 mgd)
  • Groundwater Modeling Projects (92)
  • UST Investigations (150+ in several States)
  • Water well bores geologically logged (66,500+ feet)


BS, Geology, Auburn University (1979)
Practical Approaches to Ground-water Hydrology and Contamination*, Oklahoma State University (1990)

*Seven week graduate level hydrogeology program

Registrations-All current unless noted

  • State of Alabama, Professional Geologist #49
  • State of Arkansas, Professional Geologist #1184
  • State of Florida, Professional Geologist #1798
  • State of Iowa, Groundwater Professional #1124 (1991-1993)
  • Commonwealth of Kentucky, Professional Geologist #851
  • State of Louisiana, Professional Geoscientist (#430)
  • State of Mississippi, Professional Geologist #454
  • Florida Department of Transportation, WQIE #91


  • Texas Board of Professional Geoscientists Ethics Video & Quiz - Passed
  • The Analyst/Schlumberger Mud Logging Training (160 hours)
  • 40-hour Hazardous Material Worker Site Safety OSHA 29 CFR 1910.120
  • 8-hour Hazmat Refresher (December 2011)
  • Property Assessment Short Course w/Certification, Oklahoma State
  • Florida DOT Water Quality Impact Evaluation w/Certification
  • Geological Survey of Alabama Wellhead Protection Seminar
  • Alabama Department of Environmental Management (ADEM) Wellhead Protection Seminar
  • Wellhead Protection Training Conference Alabama Rural Water Association (AWRA)
  • Groundwater Hydrology, Auburn University
  • Monitored Natural Attenuation for Groundwater Seminar (EPA)
  • Source Water Assessment Training (AWRA)
  • 3rd International Analytic Element Modeling Conference (Univ. of Minnesota and EPA)
  • 1st Annual Alabama Groundwater Conference, presenter (ADEM)
  • Alabama/Florida Technical Training, presenter (AWRA)
  • 2nd Annual Alabama Groundwater Conference (ADEM)
  • Coastal Groundwater Protection Workshop, presenter (Weeks Bay and Faulkner State)
  • AWWA's Security Planning for Drinking Water Systems: An Operational Approach
  • Onsite Wastewater Workshop (Weeks Bay)
  • Alabama Water Resources Conference (ARWA)
  • Water Security Training and Technical Assistance for Medium Size Community Water Systems
  • National Groundwater Association's RCRA Task Force (member)
  • Understanding the new Health Department Onsite Sewage Treatment and Disposal Rules (Weeks Bay)
  • EPA' Check-up Program for Small Systems (CUPPS) Certified Trainer

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