OAI developed cross section showing 7 aquifers available for testing



OAI introduced the hydrogeologic approach to Gulf Coast groundwater users as a new, more efficient means of developing groundwater resources. OAI's hydrogeologic approach includes research, correlation (see cross section* above) and mapping of the hydrogeologic system coupled with a review of the user's existing production system. This work is done before any drilling is planned or commenced. OAI's methodology to groundwater development has proven to be the most efficient and effective means of developing groundwater resources for our clients especially when compared to systems still relying on rules of thumb and the hit or miss approach to drilling. The earlier OAI gets is involved on your next well, the better your chances of success become.

The tabs above present the various components to OAI's hydrogeologic approach to groundwater exploration. Contact OAI today to implement a hydrogeologic approach to your next well, as our repeat client will confirm, you'll be glad you did.

"Putting geology to work for you."

* The cross section shown above was the key that led to the development of a 5.4 mgd wellfield, see Case #4 on  OAI's Industrial Supply Section under the Development tab.