O'Donnell & Associates, Inc. utilizes computer simulations (modeling) of groundwater flow to meet regulatory requirements of public, industrial and irrigation supply wells. Our models are specifically tailored to address our clients concerns and are no more complex than necessary. Our experience includes development of regional, sub-region and local models using 2-D or 3-D model codes. Our experince with modeling includes:

  • Permitting public supply wells
  • Wellhead protection delineations
  • Source water assessment delineation
  • Capture zone analysis
  • Contaminant migration studies
  • Wellfield feasibility analysis
  • Wellfield design
  • Saltwater intrusion studies
  • Well interference studies
Our personnel participated in the beta testing program for the Environmental Protection Agency's analytic element models CZAEM and WhAEM. OAI has experience with the following groundwater flow modeling programs: PMWIN (Modflow), GFLOW and GFLOW 2000, CZAEM, WhAEM, Visual Bluebird, BioScreen (a natural attenuation model) and Visual Modflow.