Groundwater Resources

OAI has the training, knowledge, technical skill and experience required to help you effectively and efficiently manage, protect, expand or monitor your groundwater resource. OAI maintains professional registrations in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Kentucky, Louisiana and Mississippi. A summary of OAI's groundwater development projects can be reviewed through the tabs at the top of this page. A summary of our overall services include:

Water Supply:

The days of $25,000 public supply wells have gone the way of the nickle candy bar. OAI has the experience and ability to level the playing field to ensure your next well will be completed as efficiently as possible. All aspects of groundwater resources exploration, development and management are critical to the success of your groundwater supply. OAI has extensive experience with research, well analysis, wellhead/sourcewater protection, vulnerability analysis, emergency response planning, Management, wellfield design (multi-well and multi-aquifer) and Wellsite geology (mudlogging). The earlier OAI is involved, the better your chances of success become. Read more.

Aquifer Testing

Constant rate, Step rate, 24/6 testing, Litigation support issues and Production optimization. Read more.


Regional, Sub-regional and Local Scale, 2-D modeling (analytic element method), 3-D modeling (Modflow), Capture zone analysis, Wellhead/sourcewater protection delineations. Read more.


Wellfields can be an economical and efficient means to develop water resources, See how OAI has, through research, planning, testing and permitting, become the experienced leader in wellfield development for both industrial and public supply in the central Gulf Coast area. Read more.


Groundwater extraction (Coastal zone permitting required of wells all producing >50 gpm), Underground injection control (UIC), Landfills (Siting or Expansion), Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFO) and NPDES stormwater issues. Read more.

Training (On-Site)

Custom tailored to teach Board members, superintendants and others the groundwater basics critical to managing their resources through 1-on-1 sessions or through classroom instruction.

"Putting geology to work for you."