Management of Groundwater Resources

The management of groundwater resources is more than just the maintenance and repair of your system's infrastructure. While that is critical to a healthy water system, equally important to the health of your system is sourcewater protection, sustainability, a supportive rate structure and asset management that is pro-active rather than reactive with respect to your infrastructure. At OAI, we work with our clients in each of these areas to ensure long lasting delivery of their water supply.

Source Protection

To help water systems with protecting their groundwater supplies from contamination, State regulatory agencies have implemented wellhead protection and/or sourcewater assessment regulations based on size and type community served. OAI provides wellhead/sourcewater assessment services that meet the regulatory requirement and more. Read more.


The key to identifying the sustainability of your groundwater resources involves the collection and evaluation key information on your source of supply over time. One key component of water resource management is the collection of water level measurements from wells. Water level measurements are the basic indicator of the status (health) of the aquifer supplying the well. Does your system/operation have a formal management "effort" to acquire this most basic of data? Read more.

Rate Studies

One of the more troublesome aspects of water system management is determining when and how much to raise your water rates. This often leads to delaying rate increases until a major increase is needed to meet daily obligations. If it has been a while since you last evaluated your rate structure, now is the time to do just that. Read more.

Asset Management

Maintaining a desired level of service for what you want your assets to provide at the lowest life cycle cost is “asset management”. Lowest life cycle cost identifies the most appropriate cost to rehabilitate, repair or replace an asset. OAI has EPA training to assist you with development of an asset management program including a written asset management plan. Read more.

Gulf Coast Groundwater Research Institute

This site is dedicated to the hobby of Dan and shows the ups and downs of water levels in shallow wells in his back yard. Read more.